Sin Frontera Huaraches
Sin Frontera Huaraches

Sin Frontera Huaraches

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  • Sin Frontera Huarache have embossed POCHO :. lettering running vertical on face of each Huarache. Finished off by hand painted letters
  • Inner Sole and upper of Hauraches is 100% leather finished in a custom POCHO tm Brown
  • Bottom thread Sole is made of quality plastic, making it USA friendly on rugs, tile and wooden floors
  • No tire marks with these bad boys
  • Handcrafted In Mexico By Skilled Artisanal Raza, Huaraches come in full sizes only
  • The first time wearing your new Huaraches, they fill fit snug and somewhat tight. Don't worry because with each use the leather will relax and mold to your foot, its a design that's been used for centuries in mexico
  • We bring to the states,  Hecho en Mexico products that have no border, meant to enjoy worldwide.
  • Each huaraches has the POCHO stamp on the inner heel to show authenticity.
  • Walking Arte . . . LOUD & PROUD . . . . WORLD WIDE